Hawaii Support for Marijuana Law Reform Surges

Updated opinion poll: increasing majority favors medical marijuana dispensaries, decriminalization & legalization (Honolulu, 1/31/2014) Mirroring nationwide attitudes, a newly released poll shows sharp increases in support for overhaul of Hawaii marijuana laws. The new poll, commissioned by Hawaii’s Drug Policy Action Group showed voter support for reform of Hawaii’s policies on marijuana trending upward across […]

2013 Bill of Rights Day Haiku Challenge is On!

Our 3rd annual haiku challenge is on! People in Hawaii and around the world are invited to flex their poetic skills in reflection on the U.S. Constitutionʻs Bill of Rights – celebrating the 222nd anniversary of its ratification. Join the challenge here: http://acluhi.org/know-your-rights/bor_hc/

ACLU Releases Documents on License Plate Scanners From Some 300 Police Departments Nationwide


Documents Show Location Records Being Kept on Tens of Millions of Innocent Americans The report, an interactive map, and an interactive slide show are available here. The ACLU of Hawaii Open Records Request Archive is here. NEW YORK – Police departments around the country are rapidly expanding their use of automatic license plate readers to track […]

New report documents nationwide racial, economic disparities in incarceration

“The reasoning is clear: the combination of excessive incarceration and harsh punishment is a blunt instrument for social control that perpetuates the country’s painful, historical legacy of injustice and inequality, and deprives masses of black and brown people unfairly of freedom and opportunity. It is the site of today’s civil rights struggle.” http://www.aclu.org/criminal-law-reform/ending-mass-incarceration-charting-new-justice-reinvestment

House shelves decriminalization for 2013, measure remains alive for 2014 session

The Associated Press is reporting that S.B. 472, Hawaii’s decriminalization bill is shelved for 2013. SB 472 and other marijuana law reform bills remain live for the 2014 legislative session. http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/21875432/hawaii-house-kills-bill-to-decriminalize-marijuana For the latest breaking news and action alerts on the ongoing issue of marijuana law reform in Hawaii, please visit (and join!) our coalition […]