Hawaii Support for Marijuana Law Reform Surges

Updated opinion poll: increasing majority favors medical marijuana dispensaries, decriminalization & legalization (Honolulu, 1/31/2014) Mirroring nationwide attitudes, a newly released poll shows sharp increases in support for overhaul of Hawaii marijuana laws. The new poll, commissioned by Hawaii’s Drug Policy Action Group showed voter support for reform of Hawaii’s policies on marijuana trending upward across […]

From Ukraine, with love (for the 1st Amendment!)


2012 Winter Intern Sergiy Shtukarin (left) is Executive Director at the Ukraine Center for Political Studies. After finishing his time in Hawaii working with the ACLU, he organized an essay contest for Ukranian youth to write about the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Members of the ACLU of Hawaii legal team helped judge the contest. Here […]

Opinion poll on Hawaii marijuana laws finds voters open to “legalize, tax & regulate” strategy

Economist estimates state & counties stand to save/ generate an estimated $20M/year through marijuana legalization (Honolulu, Hawaii) With many states decriminalizing and even legalizing marijuana, where does Hawaii stand? Two new reports commissioned by the Drug Policy Action Group (“DPAG”) sought to answer this question, and the latest findings were presented at a January 10, […]

ACLU of Hawaiiʻs recent work on immigration – en espanol

Staff attorney Laurie Temple is interviewed by the national ACLU Spanish language division, MiAclu. https://www.miaclu.org/en/entrevista-con-la-abogada-laurie-temple-de-la-aclu-de-hawaii

New support network for medical cannabis patients and caregivers in Hawaii

ACLU of Hawaii and the The Drug Policy Action Group have helped launch a new project: The Medical Cannabis Coalition of Hawaii A free & confidential support network for medical cannabis patients and caregivers in Hawaii. Organizational meetings are being held on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii Island. To learn more, visit the website, http://www.mcchi.org,  or email […]