Got sex ed?

Hawaii’s youth deserve the best and most effective sex education, period.  That’s why, in 2009, Hawaii passed a law making sure that the state only funds comprehensive, age appropriate and medically accurate sex education (i.e. NOT abstinence-only-until-marriage programs). 

Now we need to ensure that public schools are actually providing students with comprehensive, age appropriate and medically accurate sex education.  

We want to take your voice to the Legislature in support of bills that will ensure that all Hawaii’s youth receive comprehensive, age appropriate and medically accurate sex ed. 

We know you want comprehensive sex ed, but we need to hear from you!  Complete our survey – tell us what you learned about sex ed in school and what you think should be taught to Hawaii’s public school students.

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Here’s what we’ve heard from you so far:

  • Holly:  I received sex ed in 9th grade at [public] High School.  We learned about STDs and even saw a picture of a condom once! (It was in its package of course.)  We also had [abstinence-only-until-marriage program] come to the classroom and listened to them tell us sex was supposed to be between married people.  They had us complete a workbook about abstinence and at the end we all signed a compulsory chastity pledge.  I had no idea how to use a condom when the class was over.  The chastity pledge just made people who did have sex later feel guilty. That’s unproductive and harmful.  [Sex education] should definitely be mandatory.  Our teen pregnancy rate is ridiculous and its no wonder when you consider that no one comes out of high school knowing how to use a condom.
  • Karen:  Only regarding puberty/menstruation in 5th grade,  private, Catholic school.  No birth control info.  Not enough [sex education].  Many girls got pregnant in high school.  [Sex education] should be mandatory with options for parent to be able to opt out their kids if they choose.  Its important for young people to be able to make informed decisions regarding their own bodies and personal health.  Its important and effective in disease prevention and unplanned pregnancy reduction that young people are taught comprehensive, unbiased sex education.
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