2020 Legislative Agenda


The 2020 Legislative Session has begun — and the ACLU of Hawai‘i is ready with our policy agenda! While we saw some major successes last year, this year, we are taking a more focused, strategic approach to how we move in the Capitol — with the goal of getting closer to a more just, equitable Hawai‘i.

On Saturday, February 8th, at 9am, we will be hosting a free advocacy training on the four major islands. 

RSVP for the Hawai‘i Island training here: https://go.peoplepower.org/event/action_attend/21534

RSVP for the Kaua‘i training here: https://go.peoplepower.org/event/action_attend/21532

RSVP for the Maui training here: https://go.peoplepower.org/event/action_attend/21533

RSVP for the O‘ahu training here: https://go.peoplepower.org/event/action_attend/21535

Read on to see our legislative priorities for the 2020 session. To view the full legislative agenda, please click HERE

Campaign for Smart Justice Hawai‘i

sj leg 2020 copy

As you may have read in our recently released Blueprint for Smart Justice Hawai‘i, reforms will cut incarceration rates in half and challenge racial disparities within the criminal legal system. This session, the ACLU of Hawai‘i will defend against attempts to reinforce our state’s outdated and disproven approach to corrections — like traffic stoppers — and fervently oppose measures that criminalize poverty. We will also push for transparency in how our county prosecutors’ offices operate—the most influential players in our criminal legal system.

Education Justice

ed justice leg 2020 copy

To keep kids out of the school-to-prison pipeline, the ACLU of Hawai‘i will push to completely eliminate out-of-school suspensions for elementary school students and cap all suspensions at 10 days per year and advocate for comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Privacy & Technology

The ACLU of Hawai‘i will continue to advocate for increased protections against unwarranted invasions of privacy, both by the government and private entities. We will defend the right of Hawai‘i residents to maintain control over their personal information, whether that information is the content of an email account, or one’s unique genetic characteristics.

Reproductive Freedom

repo freedom copy

The ACLU of Hawai‘i, alongside Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawai‘i, will fight to increase abortion access by eliminating unnecessary and burdensome barriers to care.

Workplace Fairness & Equity

Hawaii’s workers are guaranteed zero weeks of time off when they need to care for a new child or a seriously ill or injured family members, which disproportionately affects women. The ACLU of Hawai‘i supports a state-run social insurance program that provides sixteen weeks of paid family leave with a higher percentage of wage replacement for lower earners and antidiscrimination measures against formerly incarcerated people.


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