2013 Bill of Rights Day Haiku Challenge is On!

Our 3rd annual haiku challenge is on! People in Hawaii and around the world are invited to flex their poetic skills in reflection on the U.S. Constitutionʻs Bill of Rights – celebrating the 222nd anniversary of its ratification. Join the challenge here: https://acluhi.org/know-your-rights/bor_hc/

New report documents nationwide racial, economic disparities in incarceration

“The reasoning is clear: the combination of excessive incarceration and harsh punishment is a blunt instrument for social control that perpetuates the country’s painful, historical legacy of injustice and inequality, and deprives masses of black and brown people unfairly of freedom and opportunity. It is the site of today’s civil rights struggle.” http://www.aclu.org/criminal-law-reform/ending-mass-incarceration-charting-new-justice-reinvestment

ACLU of Hawai‘i Seeks Nominations for 2012 Youth Award

Hawai‘i youth up to the age of 21 eligible for $1000 civil liberties prize Please share and help us get the word out! The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawai‘i Foundation’s Guardians of Liberty and Justice Youth Award honors young people who have taken a stand and made a difference in the defense of individual rights. Nominations for the 2012 […]

2011 legal report

Each year, hundreds of individuals contact the American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii seeking legal help.  Although we can only take a small handful of cases, we review and respond to every inquiry.  Many civil liberties problems are resolved informally by telephone calls, letters, and negotiations with government officials. For non-civil liberties matters, we make […]

ACLU of Hawaii Speakers Bureau

Fire up the debate! From civil rights issues to the general purpose & history of the ACLU, we offer speakers as diverse as today’s headlines, delivered from a non-partisan viewpoint. Talks can be tailored to a wide range of youth and adult audiences. Speakers include members of the ACLU of Hawaii board of directors, staff and […]