Civil Liberties Symposiums 2017


  • Hawai‘i Island: UH Hilo Campus Center 301, Sat.,10/7, 1p-4p. (Pau)
  • O‘ahu: Neal S. Blaisdell Center Pikake Room, Sat., 10/28, noon to 4p. Planned keynote speakers: Hawai‘i Attorney General Douglas S. Chin and Hawaii v. Trump lead plaintiff, Dr. Ismail Elshikh.

The ACLU’s role is to keep the government honest in its protection of and respect for our fundamental freedoms. We want the community to learn and share how each of us can be our own best advocate against government overreach.

The Civil Liberties Symposiums will spotlight government abuse in several areas, promising a day of thought-provoking dialogue, information and actions that can have a powerful effect on your life and your community.

The civil liberties and civil rights that define our country and protect all of us are under unprecedented attack as the Trump administration attempts to carry out its unconstitutional campaign promises.

Executive Director Vanessa Chong said: “The ACLU is presenting these statewide forums as a community service to spark critical conversations and broaden support for the emergence of all voices determined to protect Hawaii’s core values.”

The three topic areas that rose up reflect deep concerns in our community: the desire for a government that protects the people from unfairness and discrimination, that protects our privacy and our free speech rights as it is charged to do by the Constitution.

Please join us!


  • ALOHA WITHOUT BORDERS: The Trump administration’s retrograde attacks on immigration, immigrants, Muslims, and refugees. The national landscape, Hawaii’s response, and how you can help
  • THE HAWAI‘I CAMPAIGN FOR SMART JUSTICE: Crime rates at record lows, but the number of people Hawai‘i locks up hasn’t budged. Our prisons and jails are bursting at the seams, inmates are not being rehabilitated, and it makes no one safer. How to fix it? We have some ideas.
  • Just added: First Amendment rights and lawful protest – Q and A with legal director Mateo Caballero. As Hawaii gears up for its first official visit by President Trump, bring your questions and concerns. What you need to know about your rights, and some ACLU tools for your activism including our trusty First Amendment Toolkit.
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