ACLU debuts "First Amendment Toolkit" & "Know Your Rights" line

Free information for general public on the rights to protest and assemble in public

Honolulu, Hawaii: The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii Foundation ("ACLU") today announced the release of its "First Amendment Toolkit" and a "Know Your Rights" telephone line, 808-522-5906.

ACLU of Hawaii Executive Director Vanessa Chong said: "The ACLU’s focus is on ensuring the public’s right to peaceful protest and assembly. The Toolkit answers a wide range of questions often asked about how to exercise one’s right to free speech without breaking the law.”

In addition, the ACLU is expanding its 'Know Your Rights' phone line to receive confidential messages from those: (1) seeking copies of the Toolkit;(2) having difficulty obtaining permits; and(3) concerned about law enforcement actions. During APEC, the ACLU will monitor the 'Know Your Rights' phone several times a day. For over a year, the ACLU has made itself available as a resource to local activist groups, law enforcement, and the government officials.

Chong added, “The ACLU has every expectation that Hawaii can successfully spotlight both lawful protest and law enforcement readiness that complies with the Constitution. ACLU negotiations continue to go well with city attorneys so we are hopeful that our remaining concerns will be resolved before APEC.”

The First Amendment Toolkit is offered free to the public via U.S. Mail, distribution points, and website. The newsprint version was underwritten by a grant from the Hawaii People's Fund. For copies, email, call 808-522-5906 (neighbor islands toll free 1-877-544-5906), or write P.O. Box 3410, Honolulu, HI 96801. The Toolkit is available online at <>. A printer-friendly version can also be found on the website.

The ACLU continues to provide informational sessions, at no cost, for groups who are planning protests.

On 10/26/11, from 8-9 p.m., ‘Olelo will present a free, public informational session featuring an ACLU of Hawaii speaker, "Know Your Rights - Documenting Law Enforcement Interactions in Hawaii" at the Palolo Community Media Center located at the Jarrett Middle School, 1903 Palolo Avenue.