Marriage Equality Community Meeting 3 - postponed, advocates uged to continue dialog with legislators

From the desk of Legal Director Lois Perrin:

Momentum is on our side.  In the last month alone, we determined that the majority of voters support marriage equality, our federal delegation unanimously urged lawmakers to pass marriage equality without delay, and numerous members of the State Legislature -- in both the House and the Senate, Democrats and Republicans -- are calling on their colleagues to get the job done.  Given that we are almost there, and special session for the freedom to marry is a real possibility, we have determined that a community meeting this Sunday, 9/8, would not be the best use of your valuable time.  Because of this, we are postponing the meeting and focusing our resources on immediate contact with legislators and supporters like you.

We will update you on status as soon as we receive information.  Please do continue the excellent work of contacting legislators and the Governor, urging them to support a special session to pass marriage equality.