JULY 2016 UPDATE: H.B. 1739 was vetoed by the Governor. We look forward to more bills to advance privacy rights in the next legislative session.

Tell Governor Ige: Protect my social media privacy!
Governor David Ige has indicated that he may veto H.B. 1739; This bill would make it illegal for employers to force employees to disclose their personal social media passwords, and it would also stop employers from using passwords saved to work computers to spy on their employees. Similar bills are already law in 23 other states. This bill passed through both the House and the Senate without a single “no” vote, and a veto would deny important privacy protections to the people of Hawaii. Governor Ige can still sign the bill (or let it become law without his signature), and we need your help to urge him not to veto the bill.

If you agree that the people of Hawaii should have the right to take control of their own privacy, contact the Governor’s office and tell him to allow H.B. 1739 to pass into law!

To contact the Governor, follow the link here: http://governor.hawaii.gov/contact-us/comments-on-legislation/

N.B.: The confirmation page from this webform is a bit confusing, and says that only comments submitted by 6/27/16 will be considered. We confirmed with the Governorʻs office that ALL comments submitted via this form (even after the 27th) will be considered!