Times change, political leaders change, but the American Civil Liberties Union mission remains the same: no matter who is in charge, we're here to protect and advance civil rights as guaranteed by the U.S. and Hawai‘i State Constitutions. We are non-profit, non-partisan, and do not accept government funding.

The ACLU of Hawai‘i was established in 1965 - in fact, Saunders Hall at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is named after Allan Saunders, founder of the local ACLU. With the support of  local volunteers and donors, your local ACLU is fighting strong – with a storied, 51-year legacy of legal action, legislative advocacy and public education – right here in Hawai‘i, defending fundamental rights with an eye on the horizon's civil rights frontiers.

Use this website for updates on the diverse work that we do right here in Hawai‘i, and "know your rights" resources we have for you to use.

Participating in local protests or demonstrations? Our First Amendment toolkit is a solid resource (based on Hawai‘i law) for information about everything from signs, to your right to film police, to what to do if you are arrested and/or injured by police during a protest. https://acluhi.org/first-amendment-toolkit/

If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions for the ACLU and/or the ACLU of Hawai‘i, you can always reach us at office@acluhawaii.org.Finally, if you are not already, please consider becoming a "card-carrying member" here (joining the ACLU automatically makes you a member of the affiliate in your home state - boosting our impact when we advocate at our local legislature, City and County Councils):https://action.aclu.org/donate-aclu…

Thanks again for your extraordinary support, and for making the ACLU (including the Hawai‘i affiliate) stronger and more determined than ever before. Mahalo!