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  1. Know your rights: new electrical "smart grids" raise privacy concerns

    January 11, 2012News updatePrivacy and Technology
  2. 2011 legal report

    January 11, 2012News updateCriminal Law Reform, First Amendment, HIV/AIDS, Criminalizing Poverty, Immigrants' Rights, Privacy and Technology, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice, Gender Equity, Voting Rights, Education Justice
  3. 2011 legislative program update

    January 12, 2012News update
  4. Hawaii leadership on stopping indefinite detention and NDAA lauded by ACLU

    May 17, 2012News updateFirst Amendment, Criminalizing Poverty, Privacy and Technology, Education Justice
  5. Supreme Court Decision A Warning to States Considering Anti-Immigrant Measures

    June 27, 2012News updateImmigrants' Rights, Privacy and Technology, Racial Justice
  6. Defense Bill Moves Forward With Shaheen Amendment Providing Equal Health Care Coverage for Servicewomen

    December 19, 2012News updatePrivacy and Technology, Gender Equity
  7. Ensuring Voting Access for Transgender People

    September 27, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  8. Victory in ACLU of Hawaii Lawsuit: Federal Judge Grants Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Marriage Case

    August 2, 2012News updateCriminal Law Reform, Criminalizing Poverty, Prisoners' Rights, Gender Equity
  9. ACLU of HI and the Law Firm of Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing Seek Permission To File Amicus Brief Supporting Courtroom Media Access

    October 16, 2012News updateFirst Amendment, Racial Justice, Education Justice
  10. ACLU Files Amicus Brief on Attorney-Client Confidentiality

    October 23, 2012News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Privacy and Technology