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  1. Q & A: Hawaiiʻs proposed marriage equality law and religious freedom

    September 25, 2013Page
  2. 2015 Bill of Rights Day Haiku Challenge

    November 19, 2013Page
  3. New support network for medical cannabis patients and caregivers in Hawaii

    January 3, 2013News updateCriminal Law Reform, HIV/AIDS, Criminalizing Poverty, Privacy and Technology, Racial Justice, Gender Equity
  4. Opinion poll on Hawaii marijuana laws finds voters open to “legalize, tax & regulate” strategy

    January 10, 2013Event
  5. Updated: House bills 667 & 668 on medical marijuana pass first hearings, next hearings 2/13/13

    February 6, 2013Event
  6. From Ukraine, with love (for the 1st Amendment!)

    February 19, 2013Event
  7. Advocates announce new coalitions as Hawaii marijuana decriminalization bill passes Senate floor vote

    March 5, 2013Event
  8. Aloha State poised for meaningful marijuana law reform in 2013 legislature

    April 2, 2013Event
  9. House shelves decriminalization for 2013, measure remains alive for 2014 session

    April 3, 2013News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice, Privacy and Technology, Education Justice
  10. New report documents nationwide racial, economic disparities in incarceration

    April 17, 2013News updateCriminal Law Reform, Criminalizing Poverty, Immigrants' Rights, Privacy and Technology, Racial Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Education Justice