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  1. 2011 legal report

    January 11, 2012News updateCriminal Law Reform, First Amendment, HIV/AIDS, Criminalizing Poverty, Immigrants' Rights, Privacy and Technology, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice, Gender Equity, Voting Rights, Education Justice
  2. New support network for medical cannabis patients and caregivers in Hawaii

    January 3, 2013News updateCriminal Law Reform, HIV/AIDS, Criminalizing Poverty, Privacy and Technology, Racial Justice, Gender Equity
  3. Hawaii Support for Marijuana Law Reform Surges

    January 31, 2014News updateHIV/AIDS, Privacy and Technology, Racial Justice
  4. Hawaii Supreme Court Overturns Conviction of Medical Cannabis Patient

    June 3, 2013News updateHIV/AIDS
  5. Open Records Request: Medical Cannabis Program Forms

    November 20, 2012News updateCriminal Law Reform, HIV/AIDS, Privacy and Technology, Education Justice