Board of Directors

Marianita Lopez – President

Barbara Franklin (Hawai‘i Island) – Vice President 

Roger W. Fonseca – Secretary

Rick Schneider – Treasurer

Barbara A. Ankersmit – At-Large

Pamela G. Lichty – At-Large

Misaki Takabayashi (Hawai‘i Island) – Equity Officer and National ACLU Board Representative

Ibrahim Aoude

George Atkins

Jeff Hong

Esther Solomon (Kaua‘i)

Patrick Y. Taomae

A. Joris Watland

Jackie Young

Nominees Sought Year-Round for Hawai‘i Board

ACLU of Hawai‘i Nominating Committee year-round seeks candidates statewide to fill future vacancies on our Board of Directors. Nominees of diverse backgrounds are welcome who can be visionary leaders. Prior board experience not required but solid candidates are committed to ACLU mission, collaboration and non-profit excellence.

To increase diversity, we are especially encouraging individuals who best represent youth, ethnic/racial minorities and/or disability communities to be nominated. Send your recommendations – all confidential – to Executive Director  Joshua Wisch <jwisch@acluhawaii.org> along with resume of candidate.


Joshua Wisch – Executive Director

Mateo Caballero – Legal Director

Wookie Kim – Staff Attorney

George Cordero – Legal and Legislative Assistant

Ainsley Dowling – Legal Fellow

Kit Grant – Deputy Director

Tracey Tokuoka – Executive Assistant


(updated January 2017)